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Lil Nas X Teases Collabs with NBA YoungBoy and Saucy Santana

Lil Nas X nba youngboy and saucy santana collaboration
NBA Youngboy (Left) Lil Nas X (Middle) Saucy Santana (Right)

Back from an extended social media hiatus, Lil Nas X wasted no time getting back to his old shenanigans. Thankfully, he’s returned with positive energy, as many fans were worried after not seeing him post anything since last December.

Now that he’s back, we can ALWAYS count on Lil Nas X for a good “kiki” and today is no different.

Lil Nas X took to his Twitter account with a post featuring screenshots of two new songs he may or may not have coming out (because we never really know with him). The first, features one of the hottest, yet controversial rappers out right now—NBA Youngboy. The other, features none other than THEE #MaterialGworl Saucy Santana himself!

Now, as we’ve seen plenty of times before, it's possible that Lil Nas X is just trolling, stirring up a frenzy and getting the girls talking! But Gayes, what if it’s real and they all know something we don’t?

Saucy Santana, caught wind of the tweet and quickly responded saying, “Ohhhhhhh shitttttt” with a few side eye emoji’s to follow. NBA Youngboy has yet to respond, but his fans are definitely going hard for him on Instagram and Twitter.

Don’t sleep on Santana, though! The girls are saying if this is real, then its just in time for #hotgeighsummer and even #forthegays.

Are yawl here for either one of these collaborations? Which one you want to hear the most?


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