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Love & Hip Hop: Miami's Prince Goes Off on Trina's Assistant Alvin for Sliding in His DMs

Today, I bring you some scorching hot tea this evening. As of last night, cast members of Love & Hip Hop: Miami, Prince and Trina’s assistant, Alvin got into it yesterday on Instagram. Allegedly, Alvin “slid” in Prince’s DMs, sending him three heart eye emojis. Prince went off on Alvin for sending him those emojis and threatening Alvin by saying he will beat him up for playing with him like that.

On Prince’s Instagram live, Alvin popped into his live saying, “you have so much to say in the club last night. What’s good right now?” Prince retaliated by saying “I just checked your a** in the club last night and you’re going on to my f****** live to talk s*** my n****."

Alvin then went on his Instagram live threatening to fight Prince when he sees him. Trust me when I say Alvin isn’t playing any games. He claims that Prince is an insecure gay male and doesn’t want to admit it. Alvin went on a full rant about Prince's allegations towards him about Alvin wanting to “shoot his shot” with him.

Apparently, Prince has checked/confronted Alvin about the three heart eyes that was sent to his DM when they were in the club that night. So, I came across a podcast by the lovely LGBT radio/social media personality Armon Wiggins and during his live segment of the Armon Wiggins Show, Prince called into the show to “clear up” some of the speculations or rumors that has been presented to the public.

During the show, Prince talked about his career as a singer and a model. Trust me when I say Armon and King wasn’t playing around when they grilled him about snapping on Alvin the way that he did. But, Prince did address that Alvin has been sending him flirtatious messages more than once, so, this isn’t the first time it happened. Check out the clips below:

So could this be a plot twist for a story line or is this more personal than what is being perceived in the media? Either way, do you think Alvin is totally out of pocket for assuming he is gay?

Watch the full live of the Armon Wiggins Show below:


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