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Lyft Driver Holds Gay Man Hostage, says he'll "Burn in Hell"


In D.C., Greg Alexander probably had one of his most memorable Lyft rides after he was told he would "burn in hell" and told to pray for forgiveness before his driver would unlock the doors and let him go.

The incident started out with small talk. Greg told the driver about his time visiting the "RiseUp" exhibit at the Newseum. The museum was celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the StoneWall Riot. According to the Washington Blade, the lyft driver's colors then began to show.

“Gay rights? What is that? Is this a new movement? There is no need for gay rights,” the driver said.

At this point the Lyft had stopped at Alexander's home but the conversation was far from over.

“Greg, can I ask you something? Has anyone ever told you that God loves you?” Alexander reported to the Blade that "I started getting very nervous and felt unsafe".

The driver then began to quote bible scriptures and say, “Please God grant Greg salvation! He needs to accept Jesus Christ as his savior.”

When Alexander asked to be let out the driver refused. "Not until you pray with me,” the driver said. Alexander refused and before leaving the car asked the driver what the driver thought would happen to him after he died. The Lyft driver then responded saying,

"You will burn in hell. God loves everyone, but hates sin."

When Alexander filed a complaint, immediately after the ride, he was met with an automated message. Alexander got no response about his complaint until after his story was reported by the Washington Blade.

Campbell Matthews, a communications lyft manager, confirmed to Blade that the driver had been fired saying, “The behavior described is absolutely unacceptable. Safety is our top priority and there is no place in our community for harassment or discrimination of any kind. We have permanently banned the driver from the Lyft platform and reached out to the passenger to offer our support.”  Uber anyone? Or are they still cancelled?


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