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Man Confronts Guy Who Allegedly Sexually Abused Him at 7 Years Old

A video of a man confronting his alleged sexual abuser in the grocery store is currently going viral all over the internet. In the video an unknown man walks up to a man with a young girl sitting inside of a grocery buggy, and asks, “Do you remember me? You used to stay on Ferguson?” After the man confirms, he says, “You tried to fu*k me in the ass when I was 7 years old.”

The man with the child gasps and begins to walk away, however he doesnt make a major effort to get away or deny the mans allegations.The confronting man then proceeds to call him homophobic slurs saying, “Fag*ot ass nig*a. Look ag this ni*ga face,” while pointing the camera.

Many on social media feel that this type of confrontation can be healing for a victim who has been sexually abused, however there are some that believe this could’ve been handled better and without the use of the word “fa*got”. #Gayes, take a look for yourself below.


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