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Man Puts Jason Lee on Blast for Riding the Train, "Got the Nerve to Come for Nicki!" [VIDEO]

Oop! One of the #gayes was feeling real messy and put Hollywood Unlocked's CEO Jason Lee on blast for riding the train. If you are unfamiliar, Jason Lee's radio show "Hollywood Unlocked Uncensored" is infamously known for their commentary on the latest celebrity news and gossip, and over the course of his show Jason has been quoted several times for taking a jab at rapper Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj even gave him the "Cocksucker of the Month" award on her radio show "Queen Radio" for some of his comments.

Unfortunately, it looks like Jason's past comments on Nicki Minaj have finally caught up to him. A video posted by a fellow barb -- "@_guccibonnalucci_ -- shows Jason sitting down inside a train station. In the video the man asks, "Are you Jason Lee?".

Jason confirms and the man then replies, "Omgosh gag! Oooh you catching the train? Oohh. The girls have the nerve to come for Nicki and they catching the train! Yikes!"

He proceeds to zoom in closely on Jason as he is sitting, revealing Jason's smug grin. The video posted on his Instagram has since gone viral.

Check Out the Video Below:

UPDATE: Jason Lee responds to the Barb that put him on blast for riding the train, "I thought I was being attacked by a homeless person."

Check out the video below:


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