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Marvel 's Production Chief Says The World is Ready for a Gay Superhero

Victoria Alonso, Marvel's production chief, spoke to Variety at the LA premiere of Captain Marvel. In it she discussed that the next venture for the Marvel franchise would be the upcoming film "Eternals". If you are as much of a nerd as I am then you know that the Eternals are a superior alien species meant to defend the world against a group called Deviants.

Eternals have appeared in both Thor and Iron Man comics. Marvel is casting for the movie with the lead role being that of a fully gay character. Though Deadpool 2 featured a lesbian character, and real life openly gay actress, Brianna Hildebrand (Negasonic Teenage Warhead), the role for Eternal is significant because it puts the LGBT community front, center, and unashamed in the world's most popular movie franchise. You think Black Panther caused ripples? We can't wait to see what Eternal's does. But, in the words of Vicotira Alanso when asked if such a role would be accepted by audiences - "The world is ready."


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