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Mastercard Will Grant Trans Customers Their True Name Appearance Without Legal Name Change

Mastercard's new adoptive policy will now allow transgender customers to post their preferred name on credit and debit cards. Introducing the "True Name" card, the company will allow card holders to process this appearance even if it doesn't match their legal name.

According to Market Watch, they predict that before 2020 other companies will take on this vision widespread for American Express as well as Visa. In an effort to cease discrimination at the cash register many notable banks have been on board.

Transgender individuals will no longer have to wait on a name change to reflect themselves when making legitimate purchases because metrics are already in place to verify for security purposes. In 2015, a study was shown that 32 percent of people who had to show their i.d. had either a name or gender that didn't match and was denied access. Though Tennessee, Kansas and Ohio are the only three states that bar MTF (male to female) and FTM (female to male) residents from changing their listed sex on a birth certificate, this newfound law is definitely a win for the LGBT community!

Now Swipe Those Visa's #Gayes!


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