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Mayor of Los Angeles Cuts Millions from Police Budget to Fund Black Communities

Photo Credit:Kent Nishimura/Richard Vogel

Eric Garcetti, The Mayor of Los Angeles, defunds his city's police budget of $150 million dollars. Police brutality is at an all time high but thanks to social media it has helped innocent black lives on getting justice. During a press conference on Wednesday he vowed to push it towards black health and education programs. Garcetti added that officers will also be required to report misconduct or excessive force.

The Mayor of Los Angeles was among thousands of protesters in both Hollywood and downtown L.A that stood up for black lives for two days in a row. The march made a pit stop at their police headquarters where the mayor and several faith leaders took a kneel and prayed together. Garcetti made it very clear that he wants to make a change.

"It is time to move our rhetoric towards action to end racism in our change who we are in America when it comes to black America and our criminal justice system"

Of course not everyone agreed with Garcetti kind gesture. Union leaders were caught off guard by the announcements when last weekend, he didn't hint that he wanted to defund when asked about the police force.

He smeared every single police officer in Los Angeles and across the nation” said Jamie McBride, a board member with the union.

According to Los Angeles Times, Union officials don't plan on continuing after their contract. Regardless of the 4.8% raise that would've started on July 1.

Photos of Eric Garcetti in Los Angeles Protest


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