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Meet Author Marcus J. King: How His Literary Empire Explores the Life of Bisexual Men

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Author Marcus J. King began his writing career in middle school, where he was bullied and picked on for being gay. His experiences and life journeys has provided him a wealth of content to utilize.

King's first book, "Changes in His Veins", introduced the world of his genre of literature: Contemporary Romance and Erotica twist, Science fiction/Fantasy and Realistic Fiction. The Virginia native's recent work, "Love Under Fault Lines," is a second installment of a four-part book series.

"Love Under Fault Lines, it is a dramatic book that focuses on the trails of being bisexual while having a man on the side and being married."

Inspired by true events, "Love Under Fault Lines" explores the struggles of dating in every day life and the duality of bisexual men, to whom are often criminalized within the rainbow community. King’s work explores sexual duality and highlights struggles bisexual individuals and queer people of color (QPOC) face.

Tell us about your book and why people should read.

Love Under Fault touches on the troubles in a relationship that the world needs to see that just because a person is gay doesn’t mean we share different emotions than straight, bisexual, etc. Human emotions, in relationships, has no race. My voice speaks to every individual in the community in some way, shape or form. My storytelling gives people new life and makes them think about there own current situation and how they can apply it to their own friendship or relationship.

Do you utilize areas of your life for content? What is your greatest inspiration for writing?

My friends and my life. I pull from stories my friends share with me and my life experiences dating as a gay black man. Even when I’m out at the mall and I overhear few things of a conversation, I twist that into my stories and my work just blossoms from there.

Why is it important that your characters represent different identities, such as down low (DL) and bisexual?

I used to date married men. For me, writing about a bisexual man was important. After a while, when you sleep with someone and you find out they have a child and a whole wife at home. They come home and take their ring off, hide it— there’s a story there. Even with myself, someone can learn (from these stories).

Writers like James Baldwin, Cheryl Clarke and Audre Lorde are the foundation for Black queer literature. King’s work is considered as “realistic or having knowledge within our community.” He shared his experiences as a Black gay writer and how he defines his work.

Do you consider your literature as queer literature?

Yes, my aesthetic started out as Science Fiction Fantasy. But over the years, many gravitated to my work about relationship stuff and struggles.”

He continued, “I give the best relationship advice and folks just love my perspective. It didn’t begin as solely gay literature. Considering my writing from 2005 up until now, my work appeals to so many people. Not just the LGBTQ+ [community], but the emotions and feelings I explore with my literature is a part of the human experience. King’s core demographic audience is LGBTQ+; however, there are straight characters in "Love Under Fault Lines," Oscar and Ava. Dexter, a queer person of color, is also featured in the book.

Do you ever find yourself catering to a heterosexual audience — do you purposely craft straight characters so non-queer identifying persons can relate to your work?

Oscar and Ava are two heterosexual people and with Dexter, you see two communities with one book. I wanted to merge communities. I got sick and tired of people not wanting to listen to us. I want to be heard. Just because I’m a gay writer doesn’t mean the stories don’t relate with your human experience. And because of this, so many people gavitate to my work.

To be released in September of this year, King’s third installment of this book series is entitled, "Bruised by Your Tears." The third installment highlights the struggles and difficulties of lesbian women, bisexual and gay men. King discusses the power dynamics, socio-economic differences and the journey of dating as a gay black man will be explored in this book title.

What else can audiences look forward to with Bruised by Your Tears?

It talks about the troubles of dating in the gay community as a CEO. It’s the emotions of dating— especially getting over this “dating hump.” All the energy and trying to date, catfishing and utilizing dating apps to find someone. So, "Bruised by Your Tears" picks up where "Love Under Fault Lines" ends.

Queer people of color are featured throughout his work; yet, the Marcus is passionate about authentic illustrations of the LGBTQ+ community. King shared his writing process and why he currently does not feature trans identifying persons in his work.

“I will write about the trans experience in my later work. I pull from experiences—my life, my friends’ experiences and life lessons. I do not have wealth of knowledge about the trans experience to authentically write about it. So, I’m taking my time.”

Storytelling and preserving the history of our community are among King’s list of strengths. His writing reflects your journey as a gay black man and passion to illustrate narratives within the LGBTQ+ community.

How would you describe your writing process?

Driving. Believe it or not, driving. While I’m on the road, I can focus and pace my thoughts. Everything just comes to me and I can organize myself. I try to record myself to make sure I get everything. I’m an observer of all things. Because I’m a writer, I can utilize every aspect of what I gained to twist and turn into a juicy story.”

Outside of King's poetry blog and KRETV YouTube Channel, the self-published author has not stopped building his literary franchise. The writer shared his love to write drama and that writer is a true observer. “COVID-19 has enhanced the hustler in me. Although there is a lot going on in the world, I have utilized this time and crafted four books. I’ve made a series out of "Love Under Fault Lines"—so this release sets the tone.” For more information about Marcus J. King and his work, visit his official website.


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