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Met Gala 2020 Theme Revealed & Co-Chairs Announced

The Metropolitan Museum of Arts has announced the theme for the 2020 Met Ball. We are so excited & highly anticipating what next year's theme is all about. The theme for next year's Met Ball will be "About Time: Fashion & Duration.

The theme was inspired by the 1992 film "Orlando" by Sally Porter. It has a very antique Marie Antoinette/Shakespeare feel to it.

“About Time: Fashion and Duration” will explore Western fashion history through the framework of conceptions of time. Pulling inspiration from the novels of Virginia Woolf and the work of the 20th-century French philosopher Henri Bergson.

According to People magazine, Andrew Bolton,the curator of the Metropolitan Museum of art, told People magazine, "I wanted to do an exhibition focused on the collection, but not a traditional masterworks exhibition,” “Something that connects to the zeitgist, and what people are talking about now."

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He also stated that, "fashion is indelibly connected to time, it not only reflects and represents the spirit of the times, but it also changes and develops with the times.”

When is the Met Ball?

The exhibition will run from May 7 to September 7, while the gala will be held the evening of May 4. Next year marks the 150th anniversary of the Met Ball and 160 women’s fashion pieces from the last centuries are being displayed.

Who is on the Co-chair committee?

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Last year's co-chairs were Lady Gaga, Serena Williams and Harry Styles with Gucci as the sponsor. The theme for last years met ball was "Camp Notes" by Susan Sontag. Next year's co-chairs are going to be, Meryl Streep, Emma Stone, Hamilton Creator Lin Manuel Miranda, Louis Vuitton's Artistic Director Nicolas Ghesquiere, & Anna Wintour.

The Museum's curator, Andrew Bolton, is dividing the 160 women's garments into two sections or timescales.

Andrew Bolton also told Vogue magazine that next years theme is "a reimagining of fashion history that’s fragmented, discontinuous, and heterogeneous."

Are you excited to see next year's looks on the carpet?


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