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Mexico Crowns 2nd Queen at Miss Trans Beauty Pageant

Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for trans people. According to nbcnews, 261 trans people were killed between 2013 and 2018. To encourage the acceptance of trans people and make them more visible, Mexico has held their second Miss Trans Beauty pageant where western Mexico City state Colima, Ivanna Cázares, was crowned Miss Trans Beauty.

The pageant was a four hour competition that hosted 21 different women who represented their states. As tradition, these beautiful women flaunted their looks in red swimsuits, traditional cultural wear, and fabulous gowns. Miss Colima, Ivanna Cazares, won out against second-place, Miss Baja and Miss Mexico City, runner-up.

Miss Beauty 2019 spoke about her transitioning and insecurities. She began her transition three years ago and said the most challenging part was gaining acceptance, although she relied on the support of her family. Now, newly crowned, Cazares says she feels as the spokesperson for the trans community.

"We want to bring a message to society of respect for the trans girls of Mexico."


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