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Michaela Coel & Anne Hathaway to Star in David Lowery's Pop Drama Movie 'Mother Mary'

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Anne Hathaway and Michaela Coel will star as epic lovers in an upcoming pop melodrama ‘Mother Mary’. The film details the life of a fictional musician [Hathaway] and her love interest, a fashion designer, [Coel].

Marking their third collaboration, we find Director David Lowery and A24Films overseeing production. Lowery and A24 partnered on previous works ‘The Green Knight’ and ‘A Ghost Story’.

As if it couldn’t get anymore queer, LGBT favorite Charlie XCX will be spearheading the films soundtrack along with Producer Jack Antonoff.

Known for his work with Lana Del Ray, Lorde, and Taylor Swift, Antonoff will be assisting with the soundtracks overall production.

“Jack bout to get mothered”, Charlie asserted in a recent tweet, amplifying the already imposed female dominance of the pop drama.

The films title seems to suggest influence from queer community slang. Often times when the Gayes admire someone for their style, tenacity, or personality even, they become a ‘mother’.

Coel is a quickly rising multi-faceted talent who is not only an actress but a playwright, screenwriter, poet and author. She created the award-winning British series I May Destroy You, a screen writer for Netflix's Chewing Gum, and stared in both Marvel's Black Panther and Wakanda Forever.

Hathaway, a more seasoned actress has several roles under her belt along with a more recent film, Eileen, premiering at Sundance Festival.


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