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Milan Christopher Claims Jussie Stopped Him from Being Casted on Empire

Looks like Milan did another Post and Delete, but this is the tea we have been waiting to sip! Milan Christopher has been very vocal against Jussie Smollett and his alleged hate crime attack. We captured screenshots a while back of Milan initially doubting the story when the Smollett story first broke, saying Jussie’s story sounds “very Lifetime”, however Milan deleted the posts on his Instagram before many could see. But for those who did, he received a huge backlash from Jussie’s supporters and others in the LGBT community.

But, now that Jussie’s story has took an unexpected turn and he has now been charged with a felony for allegedly filing a false police report, it seems that Milan may have been correct all along for originally doubting the legitimacy of the story.

However, we couldn’t help but wonder why Milan seemed to “have it out” for Jussie, especially since he has been posting almost non-stop about every new development in the case and not in a positive way. But it appears that they have had some bad blood in the past, specifically with the role of Empire. Check out the screenshots below.

This definitely sheds light on Milan’s feelings against Jussie. Click here to view Milan's previous deleted posts on IG when Jussie's attack first broke.


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