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Social Media War: Milan Christopher VS Armon Wiggins

Milan Christopher has been the topic of controversy lately, however his latest statements regarding Jussie blocking his role on Empire and his "First Openly Black Gay”  resume has the gay community in a definite “girl what” expression. Luckily for you, if you haven't been in the loop about all of the craziness involving Milan, don't worry, we will gladly break it down for you. 

For a quick recap, click here to learn about Milan's claim that Jussie stopped his opportunity for "Empire". It all really started with Milan's rant that he deleted on Instagram below.

After Milan's rant on Instagram, a popular gay YouTuber named Armon Wiggins went live on his channel yesterday afternoon and posed the question, “Does Milan Christopher even have any real talent?" and also “Why would you need to be on empire?”.

With over 40K subscribers and about a thousand live viewers tuned in, Armon took several callers and each seemed to be in agreement with him. Apparently, this Youtuber isn't to be played with because it was also added that Milan isn't "booked or busy" and "People with jobs don't have time write a 300 word resume for Instagram".

Milan got wind of this live stream and proceeded to post a video on Instagram of him counting $10K with the caption “10K on lunch”, eluding to the fact that Armon is broke.

Armon shaded back and replied “Milan you counting all that money but crying cus you can't get a job." Armon then took to IG to tell his followers to send Milan the screenshots of him getting money through YouTube live.

Milan later took to his IG live to get some things off of his chest as well, in response to Armon. Check out below:

We will just wait to see what happens next but this is definitely the tea honey. We will keep you posted on any new details about this feud, but it looks like we've been blocked. Too bad that won't phase us!

Screenshot of Milan Blocking Us on Instagram!


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