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Miss Shalae Performs at Her First Black Gay Pride in D.C. as Beyoncé!

Gaye Magazine was live this Memorial Day weekend at the 28th annual Nation’s Capital D.C. Black Pride, which represented so much more than parties and other social events.

The #1 Beyoncé impersonator and trans woman, Miss Shalae, graced this years Black Pride patrons with a flawless reenactment of the iconic queens’ 2018 Coachella (BeyChella) performance at Echostage in D.C.

She appeared on stage and immediately got into character as the crowd of Echostage went wild. Fans of not only Beyoncé but Miss Shalae gathered together and watched the performer dance and lip sync, never missing a beat.

Miss Shalae was introduced onto the stage as a surprise to the audience where she effortlessly began performing and wowing the crowd.

While Miss Shalae has performed around the nation as Beyoncé, this year has been a lot of firsts for her. Shalae was shouted out by Mogul Queen, Beyoncé herself in her Netflix original movie titled, “Homecoming” which aired this year in April. She has since opened up about her experience and primary role as mother of the Yves Saint Laurent ballroom house and her start of dancing ballroom since the age of 15. This month has continued her line of “firsts” as she announced to the audience at Echostage that this was her first time attending and performing at D.C. Black Pride.

“I love you if I don’t know you. And hopefully I made you a follower, a supporter. Because I love all of you guys.” Shalae began in a speech as she closed out her performance. She continued to tell the crowd how beautiful they were and how this is was in fact her first Black Pride.

Finally, she reminded the crowd of how important trans women (and men) are and how we “have lost so many trans sisters. They are your sisters too.” She left the crowd with words of wisdom and love as she asked them to “look into your hearts, evaluate yourself, accept yourself, believe in yourself. Because you can go so - far...and when you love yourself you will love everybody else around you.”

Thank you Miss Shalae for another wonderful performance. We hope you enjoyed yourself in D.C. for your first Black Pride and wish you many more!


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