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Mo'Nique Reunites with Ts Madison on "Turnt Out" Season Finale, Talks Updates on Netflix Lawsuit

Since their last meet 4 years ago - which unfortunately ended Ts Madison and her former co-host Khia’s breakout show “The Queen’s Court”, Mo'Nique gave Madison her flowers during a full sit-down interview on her new solo show, “Turnt Out with Ts Madison” on Fox Soul.

Ts Madison shared with Mo'Nique, "The last time that we were together was about 4 years ago on this exact date...we were trying to do the Queen's Court. My former co-host and I were on the charts, and we were hot and boiling. We were the show to go to and you were going to be our first guest that I felt was gonna solidify us as the show that every A-list celebrity comes through to banter and talk stuff...but we had technical difficulties and everything fell apart, and we separated. It was a very dark time for me."

Mo'Nique responded to Madison, "I don't know if its me that is solidifying this show, it is 'you' that is solidifying this show.

"Because four years ago what did impress me was...when the technical difficulties starting stayed in it! You never let the makeup melt," Mo'Nique continued.

The ladies full circle moment later led to Mo’Nique revealing that her legal battle with Netflix is still “ongoing” due to Netflix offering her only $500K for a special as opposed to comedian Amy Schumer being offered 13 million despite not yet acclaiming legendary status within the industry.

She also discussed her decade long feud and current relationship with Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey and Lee Daniels.

Let's just say that after this interview, "Turnt Out with Ts Madison" deserves to be renewed for a Season 2! Gayes, did you watch?

Check out Madison's interview with Mo'Nique below. Watch the full episode here. Read our previous exclusive coverage on Ts Madison making history as the first Black, trans woman to star and executive produce her own reality tv show here.


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