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Mooski Under Fire for Failing to Properly Credit Cityboij in "Track Star' Music Video

Rapper Mooski dropped the video for his viral song "Track Star" on April 7th, and almost immediately the rapper started to receive backlash for failing to credit Jerimiah, better known as CityboyJ, a TikTok user who created a dance that helped the song go viral on the app.

Unbeknownst to some, Cityboyj attempted to push his #shesarunner dance challenge in several videos before the dance challenge outstandingly took off. His original viral video on TikTok accumulated over 9.7 million views. This ultimately led to the viral video crossing social platforms and various celebrities and social influencers performing his dance.

Watch Cityboyj's viral TikTok dance video below:

Cityboyj's #shesarunner dance challenge became so popular that he began to receive booking requests. Check out his first booking below:

Music artist Coi Leray later filmed herself performing Cityboyj's #shesarunner challenge on TikTok. She later was featured as a lead in Mooski's "Track Star" video.

Though Mooski distinctly used Cityboyj's dance in his music video, many viewers and fans thought that Cityboyj's contribution to the songs success warranted an invite.

Watch this 2-sec clip of a female dancer performing Cityboyj's dance in Mooski's 'Track Star' music video below:

Viewers were quick to criticize the singer, going so far as to call him a "one hit wonder", and questioning why a five second cameo couldn't have been done.

The comment section of the Instagram post promoting the video on Mooski's page is flooded with the same question: "Where is @city_boy_j_".

The creator took to his Instagram page "city_boy_j_" and posted a video of him doing his dance to the song, and in the caption assuring his supporters that "just because someone don't want to work with me because of who I am it will not stop me from what made me who I am today and all I have done for mooski even if he don't recognize what I did".

This sparked anger among his supporters, as he insinuated the reason he wasn't invited or even credited for the #shesarunner challenge was because of his sexuality. Fans assured him in the comments that the song wouldn't have been able to reach the amount of fame it did without him.

Neither party has followed up on the reason as to why the creator was excluded from the video.

You can check out the video:


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