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Morehouse College Students Accuse Male Administrator of Sexual Harassment

Morehouse College is currently under fire after students took to Twitter alleging that a school administrator by the name of DeMarcus Crews sexually harassed them during their freshman year.

One student, who does not want to identified, claims that the school failed to address his allegations of unwanted sexual advances and touching by DeMarcus Crews, the school’s interim director of housing and residential education.

“It got to the point where I got into a bad depression,” the young man said in the video. This video has since gone viral on social media, causing outrage among viewers.

The video later compelled another student by the name of Bryson Hill to share his story about the Crews’ sexual misconduct towards him.

Morehouse students as well as others – responded with messages of support. On July 17th, Morehouse released an official statement responding to the allegations.

Crews has been placed on unpaid administrative leave, and Morehouse has opened an investigation into the accusations.


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