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Musician Aveon Falstar Claims Sexual Abuse by Wendy Williams' Husband Kevin Hunter

The tea is extremely hot today, and it may be too hot for any of us to handle. Musician Aveon Falstar, whose real name is Aveon WIlliams, has claimed that he has been allegedly sexually abused by Wendy William's soon-to-be ex-husband, Kevin Hunter. As you may know, Wendy Williams has filed for divorce to Hunter because of his sexual affairs with two other women and having a baby with the other woman. Now, Aveon has talked to the infamous, private investigating journalist queen herself, Ms. TashaK. In the video, Tasha K asked Aveon about his encounter with Kevin Hunter and how he was able to get signed to Kevin's record label.

"I wasn't signed right away to Kelvin's record label. After I finished singing on the Wendy William's show, the producer over the show named G told me that he wanted Kevin and Wendy to hear me sing. So we staged a pre-show to get Kevin and Wendy's attention," said Aveon.

Then he said that Kelin's mistress, Sharina Hudson aka Nikki, was able to convince Kevin on signing Aveon to his label. Afterwards, Aveon talks about his alleged sexual experience with Kelvin. The first time happened at a spa in Fort Lee, New Jersey at the condo where Charlemagne Tha God and Sharina Hudson resides. Now you know that Tasha K wasn't holding back with asking the hard questions. She went as far to ask him how his wife felt about the story of him and Kevin's sexual relationship.

Check out a snippet below:

Aveon described how he felt about the sexual encounter and how the encounter happened all of 2018. He talks about how Kevin would always ask him to come with him to the spa and how things transpired to this pre-suit that Aveon is filing. He goes even further to discuss about Kevin's insecurities because Kevin isn't fully blessed to have an enlarged penis and how Kelvin couldn't please Wendy the way that she wanted to.

Aveon disclosed that Kevin has allegedly been physically abusive towards Wendy Williams, even claiming that Wendy Williams had martial affairs with other men without disclosing names. Aveon talks about the demand letter that is towards Kelvin Hunter, discussing the charges that he is holding against him. Now loves, what are your thoughts about this allegation that Aveon is claiming towards Kelvin Hunter?

Watch the full interview below:


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