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Netflix Releases a Supernatural Series Called Raising Dion!

Netflix has filmed an African American series based in Atlanta, GA. The story is about an African American single mother who learns that her young son has multiple superpowers.

According to Netflix, “the series follows his story as he figures out his powers while learning to adjust with this big secret.” The series showcases a single mother’s drama with raising a son. She must keep her son’s abilities a secret with the help of her deceased husband's best friend Pat, from adversaries who tries to exploit him. Dion’s powers can only be kept a secret until he is forced to use them to protect the ones he love. When he’s tested with fate to protect his loved ones, he will stop at nothing to do as such.

Raising Dion is a family-oriented film that will captivate its audiences with is wide range characters such as single mother, a lesbian aunt, a godfather who is obsessed with his godson’s new abilities with hopes of an inspiring love interest with his mother, bullying and budding friendships.

Ja’Siah Young, who plays Dion is refreshing and will captivate audiences of all ages. Raising Dion is written in a voice for all ages and the Netflix series that has only 9 episodes will not disappoint. There is no surprise that Ja’Siah will be a household name in the future of acting. Audiences should look for him to transcend from a child actor. He will not disappoint the audience with this lead role.

Alisha Wainwright, who plays Dion’s mother Nicole, exemplifies what a mother wouldn't do to shield her son from those closest to him. It’s her job to protect his abilities and to fill his void of loneliness from having a deceased father, Mark played by Michael B. Jordan.

Jason Ritter, who’s notably known as the son of deceased John Ritter, plays the role of Dion’s godfather, Pat. Pat's relationship with Dion is special because of their bond, but when things start to unravel situations became complicated.

Sammi Haney plays Dion’s disabled best friend, displays a friendship with no judgement and no flaws. Her personality sparkles over her disability with her charismatic tactics.

Raising Dion is surely gaining notoriety and a second season should be in the works.


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