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New Show Alert! Stud Model Project: The Series

Looks like the studs are coming through and we are all the way here for it! There's a new show that will be airing on the SVTV Network called, Stud Model Project: The series. This show will be similar to America's Next Top Model, but instead will give lesbian studs a chance to model. This show will be history in the making for showcasing LGBTQ stud models throughout America. The contest will consist of 7 contestants competing against one another.

The goal for the Stud Model Project is to deconstruct the labels that is always placed upon the dominants within the LGBTQ community and shed light on groundbreaking issues that most people in the LGBTQ community face.

The show is created by Teresa Morocho, who came up with the stud concept since noticing African American studs online for club promotion. Plus, she wanted to give a better representation of dominate models that aren't represented by agencies in the world of fashion.

You can tune into the show on and gain access to movies, documentaries, series, music and podcasts featuring all things LGBTQ! Let's support this show and our fellow dom's in this groundbreaking series. Make sure to mark your calendar!

Check Out a Trailer Below:

Follow the show on Instagram: @studmodelproject


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