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Niecy Nash Breaks Foot in Three Places a Month After Her Surprise Wedding Announcement

Still basking in her newlywed glow,  Niecy Nash has unfortunately revealed via Instagram that she recently broke her foot.   Last Saturday evening, Nash posted a short clip of her cast, explaining that her foot was broken into three different places. She captioned the photo “BROKEN I cried like a baby #prayforme a sista can’t fly with one wing #ifell #clumsey This news comes just under a month after Nash broke the internet, when she revealed her marriage to singer/songwriter Jessica Betts.  This was such a surprise to many, since according to the Los Angeles Times and Out magazine, the marriage announcement is the first time Nash has come out publicly as part of the LGBTQ community.

Additionally, Nash also recently finalized her divorce from Jay Tucker in March of this year. Following the post about her broken foot, Nash posted and tagged a sweet photo of her and Betts with her location marked as “Taken care of”, with the caption “Love makes everything feel better #bettertogether Nash also thanked her “Claws” cast mates for delivering a get well basket. Plenty of other celebrities also reached out to Nash, sending her well wishes and prayers. Gayes, let’s wish Niecy a speedy recovery and congratulations again on her union.


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