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Pam Rocker is Ready to Become President as a Black, Transgender Woman.

Perhaps it's time to go back to black? The Presidential seat has seen many things and Pam Rocker promises to something new and fresh to the White House should she be elected president. She sits with the Cincinnati Enquirer to discuss a future of her as Madam President.


Pam grew up in Cincinnati among ten different foster homes. At Robert A. Taft High School she was a gay boy who was constantly bullied. Pam explained that her dressing up on the weekends was the start of her transitioning.

Moving in 2005, Pam found herself in LA where she fully transitioned to a woman and worked to become a rapper. She even landed a song in the movie "Noah's Arc: Jumping the Broom."

It was Hilary Clinton that encouraged her to run in the 2020 election democrats, however she is one of about 620 candidates running for president. Currently she is - unemployed. On a hike with her husband, Pam up and decided she was going to run for president.

"I just didn't want to sit on the sidelines," Rocker said. "I was unhappy with the outcome of the 2016 election. Hillary, she inspired me. She lit something inside me. She opened the door for women and trans women of color to run."

Presidential Promises

When asked what Pam would do as president she said that she would legalize marijuana. The profits of 23 Billion projected by Joint Economic Committee would be used to pay for "freedom cars". Parker promises to use the marijuana profits to pay for a car to each citizen.

She continues to say that recycling would be mandatory (although she doesn't know how yet), and says that reparations would be given to black in the form of a hundred dollar check.

Although Presidential elections cost quite a bit of money, (Hillary and Trump spent 325 million and 562 million) all of Pam's political campaigns have been done online and can be found here.

From the outside looking, everywhere, this Pam Rocker seems like a bit of long shot, but so did Trump. She most recently appeared during Transgender Visibility Day at the Fountain Square on March 31st. She plans on continuing raising money and appearing at events.

"I want them to know I will fight for the American people," Rocker said. "I will fight to rebuild our reputation around the world and be more hospitable to immigration and stuff like that."

Are you all ready?


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