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People Think Eric Trump is Gay Because of this Live Confession

What would be the odds if one of President Trump's sons came out as gay? Well as of yesterday people are starting to wonder. Fox News hosted Eric Trump yesterday to talk about "Secret voters". The segment talked about a lesbian woman who was afraid to reveal her identity because of persecution, but was a right conservative and would be voting for Trump.

When asked if Eric believed these types of voters would be there for his father, Eric said that "The LGBT community they are incredible." he went on to explain, "I am part of that community," which understandably raised eyebrows.

Comments on the announcement varied as some believed that his long standing relationship to his wife and two children meant he was referring to himself as bi or an ally. Others said that even if this was his coming out, the LGBT community would refuse to accept him.

Since it's so close to the election maybe having a family member that is part of the LGBT would give Trump votes? Of course, Eric could just be like Trump, a talker with no sense of consequence. Still, the video very clearly shows him saying that he puts himself as part of the LGBT community.

Update: A friend of the Trump family told The Post that “he misspoke” when appearing to say he was “part of that community” hours before his father’s first debate with Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Gayes, watch the video below and tell us what you think.


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