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Phoenix And Leon "Fashion and Freedom"

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Phoenix and Leon are natives of North Carolina and are literally walking fashion and freedom. From Versace on the floor to Balenciaga on their feet, these two are definitely a match made in heaven.

Phoenix (32) and Leon (25) are so in-tune with other. The couple has been together for 3 strong years and when asked about the possibility of marriage “YES” was the unanimous answer among the two. They met on Facebook and not your typical JACK'D or Grindr, and no shade to those who met off those apps; however, to hear the relationship stemmed from Facebook was definitely a breath of fresh air. They are a few years apart but what’s age when love is constantly in the room.

"The age difference isn't a big deal because age is about maturity," Leon said. Phoenix agreed Leon is very mature for his age and despite the age difference, their family is in full support of their relationship.

Family is very important and a close relationship with family is vital to having a successful relationship. I could hear during our interview that their family connection was indeed strong and beautiful. When I asked about their family relationships, the couple's eyes lit up. I could tell they both really cherished their family.

Most gay couples have caused bad stigma for not lasting very long but this couple defies that statistic. I asked the couple, “What’s the key to a long relationship”. They responded by saying “Open communication and honesty.” Leon said that sometimes they will lay in bed and just talk. “You’d be shocked by how many problems can be solved by just having pillow talk."

Phoenix felt that great sex, trust and communication were vital. I wasn't too surprised to hear that response because the couple takes some very saucy pictures, so we can assume they have a lot of fun in the bedroom.

When asked “What’s the main pop culture topic in the household,” Phoenix instantly replied, “Fashion”. Phoenix has had success as a professional model so of course fashion is the talk of the town in their house. Leon also dips his foot in the fashion world as well. I can only imagine the amount of closet space that is needed in that house honey.

Speaking of closet space honey, this duo built and designed their own house. During the interview I noticed the background of the house and baby listen, lets just say they don't love fashion for no reason. They have two dogs and they had on designer! I believe a strong relationship is shown by the way the house is kept. Their house is FAB so obviously the relationship is poppin!

Phoenix is constantly shouting out Leon on his social media and vice versa. They expressed they have full trust in each other. Passwords aren't a thing in this relationship and that's more than I can say for other couples. I noticed during my interview that they were very comfortable and at ease around each other. I felt so comfortable speaking to them because they were just so open and honest.

Most importantly, Phoenix and Leon are very welcoming people and trust me honey, that's rare in the gay community.

It’s so apparent to me that they will be married very soon and I hope I get an invite so I can come and cry my eyes out. I know the wedding will be in the south so I'm sure the food will be off the HOOK! I am definitely excited to see this couple flourishing! Gaye wishes you both a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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