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President Joe Biden Signs Law Declaring Pulse Nightclub a National Memorial

Friday (June 25), U.S President Joe Biden signed a law designating Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida, a national memorial to honor the 49 people killed in a mass shooting.

In 2016, a gunman killed 49 people at Orlando’s gay hotspot, Pulse Nightclub. It was the nation's worst mass shooting at the time, as for more than 300 people were inside the club.

Armed with an AR-15-type assault rifle and a handgun, the shooter claimed 49 lives and wounded 53 people before being killed in a shootout with police, according to BBC. Mr. Biden was vice-president when the shooting occurred.

Survivors and family members of the victims recently commemorated the shooting's five-year anniversary.

During his designation alongside lawmakers who worked on the measure, Biden urged for gun reform and to pass explicit civil rights protections of LGBTQ+ people.

"May ... no president ever have to sign another monument like this," he said.


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