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Presidential Candidate Cory Booker Opens Up About Transgender Nephew

With the highly anticipated (or is it?) Presidential election coming up, many of the President hopefuls are making press runs and campaigning to take Donnie’s spot. Among the candidates, is New Jersey Senator, Cory Booker. Booker is the first African American U.S. Senator from Jersey and is also the former Mayor of Newark.

In an interview released by the National Center for Transgender Equality (NTCE) Action Fund, Booker spoke about the Trans community and his personal connection to it. In the interview, Booker is very vocal about his stance on LGBT relations and explains his feelings on the recurring violence on the Trans community.

Speaking with Mara Keisling, the founder and executive director of NCTE, Booker said that the repeat violence on our trans brothers and sisters should have Americans "concerned and, frankly, outraged."

Booker is also quoted saying, "There are so many areas where just your physical safety, if you're a trans American, is under threat in this country right now. And I won't tolerate it."

This interview lead Booker, for the first time ever, to open up about the trans people in his family and how he feels the next generation can effect change in our society when it comes to trans matters. He speaks on how his brother’s child is a trans activist and how his “nie-phew” (a mixture of niece and nephew) has helped to educate and inspire him on trans youth affairs and the daily struggles they face in schools.

He is truly inspired by his nie-phew and believes that one day soon, “ nie-phew and other great trans leaders in the youth community can have a seat at the White House to talk about issues."

This isn’t Booker’s first time publicly speaking on LGBT issues either. During the presidential debates in Miami, Booker stated, "We do not talk enough about trans Americans, especially African-American trans Americans, and the incredibly high rates of murder right now."

Of course, we are all aware of the one too many headlines about members of the trans community being murdered or harmed just because of who they choose to identify as.

The violence against this community is truly an epidemic and change needs to happen, and it needs to happen fast. This is one of Booker’s many focuses during his campaign and if elected in 2020, his presidential term. Does Booker have your vote in the next election?

Watch his interview below: Start at 5:30.


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