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Private Photos EXPOSED on JACK'D Dating App

Now, typically the term "you've got jacked" could be laughable but not this time. The very popular dating/hookup app JACK'D has a data bug that makes all your most intimate photos available online for all to see.

Those photos, public and private, can be accessed by anyone with a web browser and who knows just where to look, though, it appears. As there is no authentication, no need to sign up to the app, and no limits in place, miscreants can therefore download the entire image database for further havoc and potential blackmail. - The Register

For those who do not know, Jack'd is a location based dating app for gay men and is particularly popular to men of color. This app allows you to see thumbnails and other pictures of the men nearby, and with the data bug breach, you can also see everything they have in private - and all parts that may apply.

The Register has reported that any photos, videos and chats made in private are now available to the public. According to Queerty, that not only is everything been exposed but you do not even need to be logged in or have to install the app! The first recorded victim by Jack'd was a man named Oliver Hugh who said that he had told Jack'd about the breach about three months ago. He does mention as well that though pictures are exposed, you cannot trace them back to a specific person (unless you already know them of course).

The Register states, "Obviously, having the private images of users accessible to the whole world is not an intended function of the app. Apart from leaking highly compromising snaps of folks, some of its users may not be publicly out as gay or bi, and thus a trove of compromising images of them sitting on the web is not particularly great for their welfare – particularly if homosexuality is illegal where they live."

Besides being a serious invasion of privacy all I can think about is the danger of such photos being exposed. Inquiries to both Jack'd and the parent company have been met with silence. If Facebook has taught the social media world anything it's that you just can't trust these hoes!


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