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'Queer Eyes' Karamo Brown Receives Backlash Following Comments on Sean Spicer


Who doesn't love the hit show Queer Eye? Well, one of the stars of the show, Karamo Brown, is under attack from the LGBT community after he made some questionable comments in regards to Sean Spicer.

Spicer is President Donald Trump‘s controversial former press secretary; and both men will be competing on season 28 of ABC's Dancing With the Stars. Spicer has been criticized in the media for his antics, often lying and attacking the press during his term. Spicer resigned from his position in 2017 after continuous tension with Donald Trump.

Dancing With the Stars is known for giving an opportunity to celebrities who are looking to reform and/or reestablish their image, hence making Spicer the perfect candidate for such a show, or so you would think.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Brown stated, "Sean Spicer and I have been talking, I was most excited to meet him. The thing is, people would look at us and think we're polar opposites, but I'm a big believer that if you can talk with someone and meet in the middle, learn about each other and help each other both grow. And so we have been chatting all day today, like he's a good guy, a really sweet guy."

This comment infuriated the social media world and many expressed their distaste. Many people are outraged and feel as though it is a slap in America’s face after all the lies Spicer has told during his term.

On Aug. 21, 2019, Brown took to his Twitter page to respond to the backlash stating, “First, I have no say who is on the cast and didn’t find out till this morning that he is on! But I’ll tell you this... I’m excited to sit down w/ him and engage in a respectful conversations. Only way things get better is if we try to educate those who have different POV than us”

Things had gotten so out of control, that Brown began blocking people with differing views than his and eventually the LGBT community caused Brown to deactivate his Twitter account.

Spicer spoke with Hollywood Reporter about the backlash he received after announcing his new spot on DWTS, and said, " I hope it will be a politics-free zone."

Welp! Looks like Brown and Spicer may have a lot more in common than they thought because social media fired even more shots after his comment: {insert pics of tweets}

Even the host of DWTS, Tom Bergeron, criticized the show for casting Spicer. He wrote on Twitter that he requested producers not to cast any politicians especially during this exhausting Presidency and campaign season.

So who do you think is wrong in this situation? Is Karamo Brown being bullied for having an open mind? We may not have the answers to those questions, but one thing we know for sure is that this season of DWTS will be one to remember. #Gayes, will you be watching?


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