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Rapper Blocboy JB says, “PlayStation is Supposed to be For the Gays”

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Say What? Blocboy JB, known for his song “Shoot”, which currently has a viral dance known as one of the Fortnite dances, shared his opinion on the release of the new Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

On his Instagram live, the day before the release of the Xbox Series X , he shared his thoughts on the Xbox vs. PS5 debate. This holiday season both Xbox and PlayStation planned to release their newest gaming consoles, and they are in direct competition.

“PlayStation they got pride colors, so PlayStation is supposed to be for the gays. Xbox is supposed to be for the street n****s. I’m not saying that the gays can’t play the Xbox, but I’m just saying,” said Blocboy JB on his Instagram live.

As of right now, the Xbox Series X comes in matte black, while the PS5 is white and black. Fans of the PS5 have made edits reimagining the newest PlayStation in a variety of different colors. People have even begun to try to design plates to change the color and design of the PS5, but as far as other colors PlayStation has not released any other color choices.

For all of you gaymers, what are your thoughts on the Xbox vs. PlayStation debate? Was Blocboy JB being shady saying that PlayStation is for the gayes?

Watch the Video Below:


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