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Rapper Lil Yachty Claps Back at People Calling Him Gay for Dressing as Oprah in New Music Video

Lil Yachty released a new song called "Oprah's Bank Account" featuring Drake and Da Baby. The music video involved a parody of the "Oprah Winfrey Show" with Lil Yachty dressing up as Oprah Winfrey, complete with a wig and dress, calling himself Boprah.

The song went viral with a wave of positive reactions until some critics began to attack the rapper’s masculinity. One fan even thought the song was his coming out song, tweeting, “Lil Yachty is so Brave he announce that he’s gay in Boprah iam so proud of him more rappers need to be more like lil yachty and come out already.”

When a fan came out against Lil Yatchy for his dress choice the rapper clapped back saying, “Bitch its suppose to be enteraining…it aint even that deep, ya’ll Niggas so in denial with ya’ll masculinity shit like this bother ya’ll.. relax.

Though some people think that Lil Yachty’s outfit was just to get attention, our mind goes to another entertainer whose bank account and studio are based in Atlanta after a successful run of dressing as a woman. Ring any bells?

The overwhelming opinion has been positive with people praising the rappers new single and loving Boprah. Although there is no word from the OG queen herself, people tweeted that they would watch the Boprah Show.

#Gayes, what famous cross dressers can you think of? Watch the music video below, just be prepared to press that repeat button.


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