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Rapper Pastor Troy Goes On Homophobic Rant About Lil Nas X Winning Grammy, Lil Nas Responds [VIDEO]

Rapper Pastor Troy is currently a trending topic on Twitter after his homophobic comments about Lil Nas X went viral.

Pastor Troy posted a photo of Lil Nas X at Sunday’s 62nd Annual Grammy's with a rant-like caption complaining about the Old Town Road rapper’s ensemble. He also criticized and accused gay men of having an “agenda,” after mentioning a recent visit to Applebee’s with his teenage son.

Twitter went wild with this one! Some people are of course on his side, however, many others feel that this was totally disrespectful and unnecessary. Lil Nas X took to his Twitter account and responded in true fashion, “Damn, I look good in that pic on god”

Check out some of the responses are fellow #gayes had to say on social media.

UPDATE: Pastor Troy has responded to the backlash in a video, take a look below:


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