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Rapper Rick Ross Makes His Major TV Network Acting Debut on “The Equalizer” with Queen Latifah

Entertainment Weekly/Michael Greenberg/CBS

Rap royalty collides when Rick Ross shares the screen with the legendary Queen Latifah in the latest episode of "The Equalizer".

Thursday (Nov. 6) ,Rick Ross made the huge announcement on Instagram with the caption, “Look out for my cameo with the icon/ @queenlatifah on @theequalizercbs episode airs Jan 9th on CBS.”

With over 100k likes and more than 2,000 comments, fans were excited to see if Rick Ross is “Bout That Life” when it comes to acting. Which is the actual name of the episode The Rozay rapper will be premiering on.

Catch Rick Ross' character, Dilemma, a famous rapper finding common ground after an incident with a fellow music artist. Thanks to The Equalizer who is played by Queen Latifah, things get taken care of.

According to Entertainment weekly, Co-cast members Markowe & Miller are excited to see the rapper in a different light.

“The Equalizer family is very excited to have legendary rap artist and entrepreneur Rick Ross join us for this season…He is perfect in this role of a chart-topping hip-hop artist caught up in a world of violence. Ross knocks it out of the park."

The Rapper himself was shocked to work along side the legendary Queen Latifah. He spoke with journalist Elliot Wilson & B. Dot right before the lights, camera, ACTION.

Entertainment Weekly/Michael Greenberg/CBS

“I was just sitting down, I’m doing a scene with Queen Latifah…She gave me a real opportunity, not just on some — some real lines I’m just tapping into this. And just her response to how I’m moving, she gave me a lot of credit for it and I’m just thinking as I walk away ‘Wow who could’ve imagined this,’ I didn’t recite no lines or read the script until that morning I’m on the set smoking a blunt.”

The good news is that the rapper isn’t replacing The Equalizers partner, Chris Noth. Noth was fired after his sexual assault allegations, but Ross is sure to leave an impression on Queen Latifah and company.

Catch the 1 hour episode of The Equalizer on CBS and Paramount+ to see if Robyn McCall can help Dilemma out of his, well, dilemma.

Gayes will you watch this episode?


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