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Rapper WizKid Threatens Tinie Tempah and Manager Dumi Oburota Over Money, Alleges They Are Gay

Nigerian singer Wizkid has recently called out UK rapper Tinie Tempah and his manger Dumi Oburota over alleged debts. According to Pulse Nigeria, Wizkid signed a management deal with Disturbing London, a UK based platform in 2012.

On Thanksgiving night, Wizkid took to his Snapchat and Twitter pages, sharing photos of the two. In the posts, he mentions that he’s looking for them and they should pray he does not catch them. He threatened both of them to pay him money owed in the next 24 hours.

Not only did Wizkid rant about the duo owing him money, he even accused Tinie and Dumi of being gay partners.

His post read: 

“Looking for these two criminals ‘Tinie and Dumi. P**sy boy I’m coming for you.
“I know y’all still f*ckinh each other. I go catch you. You’ve got 24 hours to pay up.”

There is no further proof that the two are romantically involved, especially noting Odurota and Tempah refer to themselves as cousins, however they are not actually related. Their families just originate from the same place in South-Eastern Nigeria.

This isn’t the first time WizKid has blasted the pair on social media. Back in 2018, WizKid went on a Twitter rant saying "f*ck Disturbing London".

There is definitely some intense history between WizKid and his former acquaintances with seemingly no civil resolve in sight. No further details have been released at this time but we will definitely be providing updates as the story unfolds.

Gayes, let us know your thoughts.


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