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Raven-Symoné Reveals She Struggled with the Black Community Being Mad She Dated a White Person

Legendary actress and singer, Raven-Symoné shocked the world last year when she announced via Instagram that she had tied the knot with her now wife, Miranda Pearman-Maday. The couple officially became Mrs. and Mrs. Pearman on June 16 in a small and intimate ceremony in the front garden of famed choreographer and Grey’s Anatomy star Debbie Allen’s home in L.A.

In a recent interview with Noir Online, Raven revealed she broke up with Miranda early on in their relationship because she struggled with the "Black community being mad" at her for dating a white person. She further elaborated that it was a "self-inflicted, old way of thinking" and a "residual thought process that wasn't fact' due to her "carrying burdens that happened in the 80s and 90s".

"Like I just thought people were staring at me all the time and it just felt weird but then again it wasn't really happening," said Raven.

Miranda shared that at the the time of the break up she "had no idea that she was struggling with those feelings".

"I only found that out in our reconnection, which was like years late obviously, and I was really surprised, and it made me feel really sad that she didn't feel comfortable enough at the time to communicate that to me but at the same time I think that its such an internal battle. Like I know my experience as a white female...and because of the way I was raised and my community, interracial relationships were never questioned," shared Miranda.

Miranda then shares that she felt "compassion" for Raven and wished she could've aware to be of more support to her at the time. She does note that since getting married she has experienced other people express their feelings about Raven marrying a white person and coining her as a Karen.

"It's a journey that we continue to move forward with that she handles with such grace, especially on the YouTube channel, she be coming for people when they be coming for her and I love it," said Raven.

Raven also attributes her calling off the relationship in the beginning because she wasn't as communicative, in which Miranda says she was fully aware of.

Thankfully, Raven and Miranda were able to work past their struggles and eventually tie the knot. But this conversation begs the question, are interracial relationships looked down upon from people within the Black community?

An ongoing stereotype with the LGBT community is that when people become famous their life partners are seemingly outside of their race. Maybe it's time to question if that way of thinking is problematic, after all, true love is so hard to come by.

Watch the Interview Below: Start Time 5:30


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