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Raven-Symoné Surprises Fans with New EP of Music After Over a Decade

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We’re pretty sure that since the recent release of Disney Plus, you’ve satisfied your craving of nostalgia by binge watching That’s So Raven! But wait, it gets better. After a decade hiatus, Raven-Symone has released a new EP of music titled “33,000” for all her music loving fans.

Raven took to Instagram on Thursday, Nov. 7 saying, “A body of music will be releasing tomorrow. It’s for 18+. It is something that makes sense to me. For the first time a fully curated piece of art by me and friends. No large company involvement. Just truth, art, and love. I’m excited to share who I am now…it’s been a while.”

The EP features 4 songs, which Raven describes as being made “by a group of people who’s connection is deeper than just this plane.”

“The people who created on this collection brought a new feeling to my life. They helped me fall in love with the process. Thank you to all the creative minds that made this possible,” she wrote on Instagram.

Our girl Raven has certainly evolved before our very eyes over these past few years. It’s amazing to see Raven authentically living her best life. #Gayes, what’s your favorite song from her EP?


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