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RHOP Husband Michael Darby Suing Candiace Dillard for $2 Million Over Defaming Gay Oral Sex Claims

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Former Real Housewives of Potomac husband Michael Darby is suing Candiace-Dillard Bassett over gay sex allegations she made during a season 7 episode of the show.

According to documents, Darby filed the defamation lawsuit after Dillard-Bassett told his estranged wife Ashley Darby that Michael, "likes to leave you and go to a man named {censored's} house and suck his d**k."

She further stated in the episode that she "was not supposed to talk about this person, but he says Michael Darby is a client of his. That's what you're asking, cuz I was holding on to that."

The documents claim Dillard-Bassett's statements falsely accuse Mr. Darby of committing a crime" and have caused him "public scorn, hatred, humiliation, ridicule, contempt and/or embarrassment."

According to the defamation lawsuit, Darby is seeking $2 million: $1 million in compensatory damages and another $1 million in punitive damages, as well as interest, attorney's fees and associated costs.

The filing also states, "To date, Defendant [Candiace Dillard-Bassett] has not retracted or otherwise accounted for her defamatory statements."

Darby's sexuality has been up for question and debate frequently on the show. Gaye Magazine previously reported on rapper Nicki Minaj hosting the Real Housewives of Potomac season 6 reunion and asking about Michael Darby's sexuality. During the show, Minaj asked Ashley Darby and Robyn Dixon about Michael being attracted to Robyn's husband.

"Do you think Michael is attracted to Juan?". Robyn then agreed and shared that Darby said that her husband Juan is "a good-looking guy and would suck his d--k."

Minaj later noted that Robyn was too "cool about it" especially given that many straight men may find the compliment offensive.

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