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Rico Pruitt & Kash Dinero Threatens to Sue Signal23 TV for Not Being Paid, Broke Ex Pornstars

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

Oh My! Looks like actors Rico Pruitt and Kash Dinero of Signal23TV's hit online web-series “Cuffin Season” are claiming that they haven’t been paid and they want their coin.

Signal 23 TV is a media company that produces content primarily for the LGBT community. Their latest installment Cuffin Season is currently in its 8th episode, and the newfound couple, Rico Kash, claim they haven’t received contracts nor have they been paid for their scenes in the show. Both were threatening to take legal action against SignalTV23 by 5 p.m. if the company didn’t produce their contracts. Watch Below:

However, it looks like the couple couldn’t wait till 5 and decided to air out Signal TV’s dirty laundry. Kash took to his boyfriend’s Instagram and called up Tulip, another member of the show, and spilled tea about how the owners of signal 23 served him alcohol while he was a minor.

Both Rico and Kash are known for dabbling in the adult entertainment industry, and shortly after making their video, Signal TV 23 posted a photo of the couple with the caption, “Broke ex pornstars gone wild!” The post was quickly deleted and since then, no other responses have been made. We have reached out to Signal 23, so far no response back. Yikes! We will keep you updated as this story unfolds!


Rico Pruitt and Kash Dinero respond to Signal 23 TV saying they are "Broke Ex Pornstars Gone Wild" Watch Video Below:


Rico and Kash receive a cease and desist letter from Signal23TV after blasting and airing their dirty laundry on social media. The couple have since taken down all of their videos about the company from their social media pages. Watch Below:


Yikes! It looks like the drama between Rico Pruitt, Kash Dinero and the LGBT media company Signal23 TV is getting even more serious. We previously reported that Rico and Kash received a cease and desist letter from Signal23 TV after airing their dirty laundry due to them not being paid for their roles in the web-series "Cuffin Season". However, the couple have since decided to disregard the letter and took to Instagram to aks their followers to boycott the company's projects because they claim that Signal23 TV is recording nude scenes with minors. Watch a clip from their Instagram live below:


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