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Rolling Ray Blasts Fox Soul Network for Not Offering Payment to Discuss Beef with Saucy Santana

Internet sensation Rolling Ray, widely known for his viral appearance on MTV's "Catfish" recently called out Fox Soul Network on Instagram for not offering him payment to be interviewed about his beef with rapper Saucy Santana.

We here at Gaye have tried to stay away from publicizing the feud between the two, as we respectfully have love for both, however it seems necessary we play catch up and spill the tea on everything that has caused this situation to get out of hand.

Over the last few weeks, Rolling Ray and Saucy Santana have been going tit for tat online with a series of shady posts and sneak disses towards each other. Santana recently released his latest single "Walk", which many fans allege is a diss track to Rolling Ray. "Walk" has now become a viral movement on social media with the hashtag #WalkChallenge.

Check Out a Snippet of the Song Below:

Ray took to Instagram on National Disability Day to call out Santana for mocking his disability in his new song saying, "You mean to tell me that song wasn't about Rolling Ray? It's just a coincidence?"

Gaye Flashback:

After things seemed to be fizzling out, Rolling Ray takes to Instagram once more to reveal that he was recently offered an opportunity via DM to be interviewed on Fox Soul to discuss his beef with Santana.

In the video he says, "I don't do any free appearances on any type of tv show...I don't do free anything for real. That's not where my hearty is at right. I'm 24 years old, I'm in a wheelchair, I am black and I'm [disabled]. It's not easy for me to snatch opportunities but it ain't hard either."

He further explains that he was originally "open to" doing the interview, but he asked if they could give him a "small portion of something". He shares Fox Soul denied his request adding that they've never paid any gust on their network.

"We're in a whole pandemic. I don't live in a mansion, I don't drive Ferraris or Rolls Royce's or BMWs...let's just say I die today or tomorrow. Do you know that my fans, my harters, my supporters and my family friends can easily go back and watch them videos of me on your platform which will bring you guys what, revenue. I ain't dumb by a long shot but don't disrespect me."

Check Out the Video Below:

Yikes! Gayes, do you think Rolling Ray was right to request payment to discuss his beef with Santana. Do you think they should call a truce?


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