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RuPaul's H&M Outburst Divides Fans, "I Don't Wanna See Any F**king H&M!"

On the latest of RuPauls Drag Race UK, eliminated contestant Joe Black was given a second chance after it was revealed that contestant Veronica Green tested positive for COVID-19, only for Black to be eliminated again at the end of the same episode.

Her short time back in the competition has possibly made reality TV history, because when she revealed that one of her dresses had been from H&M, instead of "off the rack from Primark", as judge Michelle Visage suggested, the sound effect cannons and cut to RuPaul's ever so slightly change in manner were enough to tell the audience that Black had royally messed up.

RuPaul then had her very own Tyra Banks-esque moment and shouted at Joe Black "If that's H&M you better glitter the fuck out of it and make it something special! Don't waste my time , I don't want to see any H&M. I want more!"

It did not take fans of Drag Race UK long to start making jokes on Twitter:

Some watchers noticed the hypocrisy of RuPaul's commercials for Old Navy, and the 2018 line of RuPaul inspired clothing at H&M that was probably approved by her:

H&M even sent out a cake to Joe Black after her elimination, with the message " Roses are red/violets are blue/we loved your fit/ don't listen to Ru! Love H&M".

Others felt that the criticisms of Joe Black getting her dress from H&M was tone deaf, especially in the reality of the current pandemic. This episode comes on the coattails of a seven month break from the show because of COVID-19 and the contestants having to take up other jobs in order to keep a paycheck.

Other viewers believed that Rupaul wasn't angered by the fact that the dress was H&M, but that nothing was done to make it look "expensive."

Watch a Fan Made Clip Below:


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