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RuPaul's Makeup Line is Scheduled to Drop Next Month

Credit: @Mallybeauty

The stars of the makeup world aligned when Rupaul and Mally Beauty announced a collaborative makeup line in the works last year. In a recent interview with Andy Cohen, Rupaul confirmed that this new makeup line will be coming next month.

This is the first time Rupaul has talked about the makeup line since it was announced in April 2018. At that time, Rupaul made a press release stating a collaboration with Mally was set to launch in Feb. of 2019. Rupaul expressed his excitement to work with the celebrity makeup artist, saying “I love Mally, her approach to makeup is exemplified by her personality; smart, sexy, fun, and beautiful. I really dig this woman!" He went on to say he is thrilled to make products that "are made with love and kindness."

Mally Roncal is the founder of Mally Beauty Cosmetics, and shared her business partner's enthusiasm, saying "I respect, adore and worship RuPaul personally and professionally ... I feel blessed to have the honor of working with RuPaul and have him connected to my brand."

Mally Beauty Costmetics was started in 2005, and has a focus on specialty foundations that invoke a younger appearance. And given that Rupaul hasn't aged a day since the Reagan administration, it truly seems like a perfect match for both parties.

Rupaul is no stranger to having his own makeup products; he had a mineral makeup collection with Color Evolution in the early 2010s and eventually a limited edition perfume named Glamazon under the same brand. But for this collab, Mother Ru is going all out, taking on the responsibilities of conceptualizing products, marketing the line, and even formulating some of the products.

According to the press release, the line will be a capsule collection of about ten to twelve different makeup items. For the butch queens out there, a capsule collection is only the most essential of each makeup item, meaning we will probably get a full tool kit of foundation, powder, lipstick, eye shadow; but more than likely won't have many shades to choose from.

The line was initially announced to be released in Feb. 2019, though other than Rupaul’s comments on After Show, neither person has commented on the status of the makeup line and no formal release date has been set. In the coming weeks we will have to keep a close eye on both parties social media while we wait for the official announcement.



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