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RuPaul's SNL Appearance Recieved Mixed Reviews

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As previously reported, RuPaul is the first drag queen chosen to host SNL, and his appearance has everyone talking! Of course, like with everything related to the drag icon, some really love it and some really hate it.

Vulture gave Ru's performance a 3 out of 5 stars saying: "The show uses Ru to the fullest: As himself, as an enthusiastic ensemble player, and as a lead in both glam and tawdry drag. Some sketches suit better than others, but for his part, Ru looks perfectly at home regardless of what he’s doing. While the Cold Open provides the star power — which, in this case, is thankfully due to the performers’ comic resumes — the real breakout performance of the show goes to Chloe Fineman. In finally getting real airtime, she proves (to anyone who hasn’t been keeping tabs on her Instagram feed) the careful craft of her mimicry. There are some sketches that don’t quite get off the ground, but not due to lack of ideas. It’ll be a few weeks before SNL is live again — but given John Mulaney’s track record as a host, it’s bound to be a good one."

The Atlantic expressed disappointment of episode in their coverage. "The episode should have been a victory strut, but it mostly felt like remedial reading."

Rolling Stone, on the other hand had a lot of positive things to say about Ru despite having a mixed opinion of the sketches. "This outing was an unfortunate repeat of last week, in which a game host is abandoned by ideas that either didn’t gel or were dead on arrival. While there are weeks during which everything seems effortless, this one wore its sweat on its brow. While undeniably an amazing performer, the show never gave RuPaul a chance to do much besides provide variations on his drag persona, lending an unfortunate sameness to the majority of the sketches."

USA Today gave Ru's monologue a warm review proclaiming it to 'show what Drag Race is all about.'

Another favorite sketch overall was 'The Library.' Ru tackles the infamous Drag Queen Storytimes like no other. He doesn't actually read the books. He throws massive shade at them in a hilarious fashion!

So #Gayes what do you think of the mixed reviews RuPaul received? Did you think his performance was on point or lacking? What about the rest of the cast? Do you think he clicked with them and their performance style?


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