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Russian Transgender Doll with Male Genitalia Causes Social Media Outrage


A new photo of a children's doll found in Russia started a interesting conversation online.

According to DailyMail, the doll was seen at a toy shop in Russia called, "Planeta Igrushek" (Planet of Toys in English).

The picture of the doll shows that it has blonde pigtails, a red and yellow pok-a-dot dress. But, when the clothing is removed, male genitalia is shown. Once this photo of the doll made it on to the internet many comments were made on it.

One person said , "All you have to do is cut the doll's hair and change it into a pair a of pants." While another said, "I think it is really terrible what is going on in this child's parent's head. Have you considered that it could simply be a manufacturing defect? Or they accidentally put a female head on a male body?”

Check out more comments below:

But, this is not the first time a doll like this has caused conversation on the internet. In 2014, a fairy toy for children was labeled as the first transgender doll.

Ruptly TV

Ruptly TV

Also in 2017, LGBTQ+ Activist, Jazz Jennings also had Transgender doll made of herself made with no genitalia.

Courtesy of Tonner Doll Company

Lastly, in 2019 the popular toy brand, "Mattel", released a line of gender neutral dolls under the, "Createable World" lineup. But, these dolls had no genitalia at all.


But, what do y'all think about this doll?


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