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Sampson McCormick, Black Gay Comedian, Punched By Fan During Live Show | VIDEO

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Sampson McCormick | Getty Images (Paul Archuleta)

Gayes, we guess some people can’t take a joke. Though we're a bit late spilling this tea, it's only right we highlight what's happening to comedians, especially since the recent altercation between Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars.

Last Wednesday night (March 23), Black, openly gay comedian Sampson McCormick was attacked by a woman and her brother during one of his stand-up comedy shows.

The incident took place at Win-River Resort Casino in Redding, California, where McCormick has been performing live for 7 years in a row.

Photo Credit: Christopher Wiggins/ The Advocate

According to footage on Sampson’s Twitter, Sampson made a joke about a family of 'rednecks' and asked, “How many teeth do you have?”.

Soon after you can hear the crowd of about 100 people laughing. Then a white woman stumbles over to Sampson on stage with her hands in the air in an argumentative manner.

Sampson spoke with The Advocate and admitted to provoking the fan about her teeth.

“As a comedian, I'm going to heckle you back…I started teasing her about the obvious, which was that she only had about three-and-a-half teeth in her mouth."

The 25 second video ends before the fans brother is seen coming to her defense & punching Sampson in his face, leading into a fist fight.

Luckily, journalist Christopher Wiggins caught up with witnesses at the show where everything took place. He spoke with Susie Maldonado, a fan who attended the performance that same night.

Photo Credit:

“We were just sitting there enjoying the show...when this little tweaker girl kept trying to get on stage…This big heavy-set tweaker guy then just rushed to the stage, yelling 'what did you say about my sister,'. And I don't even know if Sampson had the time to react because the guy clocked him hard, and then they began fighting. After they got kicked out, he just started roasting them and incorporating the whole thing into his show, and it was hilarious,"

More witnesses stated how the fight only lasted a few minutes but it didn’t take long for McCormick to catch The brothers racial slurs.

“I'm going to beat your Black ass."

“He hit me so hard," McCormick said, "I just started hitting him back as hard as I could….I think he was shocked that this Black, gay guy had just beat him because he stood there like he wanted to throw a chair but thought the better of it…Don't mistake my being gay as weak because I grew up in southeast D.C. and I will kick some ass…Then security got involved.”

The good news is McCormick does not plan to press charges on the family. Even though he did have bruising and cuts in his mouth that came from his braces.

McCormick also stated that he didn’t lose. So the show must go on! Gayes What Are Your Thoughts?

Watch the Video and Read His Tweets via Our Post on Instagram:


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