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San Antonio Couple Die of Coronavirus Just Days Apart From Each Other

Anthony Tsai-Brooks (left) and Philip Tsai-Brooks (right)

Owner of Extreme Opulence Hair Studio, LLC, Philip Tsai-Brooks, passed away on Sunday, April 12th from complications of COVID-19. According to friends and family, it wasn’t more than two days later that Philip’s husband and local councilman, Anthony Tsai-Brooks shared his partners fate at Baptist Health System.

Reporter Yami Virgin from News 4 San Antonio had the opportunity to speak with Philip's brothers in which she learned Philip had gone to the doctors days before his tragic death after not feeling well. He was eventually sent home and prescribed medication to help combat the symptoms.

It was only days later that Philip returned after experiencing a low count of oxygen, shortness of breath and a fever of 102.9. Philip was placed on a ventilator and had expected to stay in the hospital until his vitals stabilized. Once he returned home he planned to quarantine himself for at least 2 weeks. Little did he know that his life would end so abruptly and he would never have the chance to make it home to his loved ones.

Not long after Philip's admission to the hospital, Anthony followed in his footsteps after being found unresponsive by Philip’s mother. Anthony died in a room not far from his husband's just days after. Although, Philip's brothers have no time to mourn as they’ve been informed that their mother, who lived with both Philip and Anthony, has now tested positive for COVID-19.

She is currently mourning the loss of both her son and son-in law alone while she remains in quarantine within the couples home. According to Philip's brother's, the mother was left “standing in the doorway crying” as one of the other brothers who lives in San Antonio informed her of the news from outside. “My brothers can’t go in and comfort her”, Tsai adds. Unfortunately, life must carry on as arrangements have been made for their burial at Fort Sam Houston.

Friends and family continue to gather on social media to mourn the loss of this awe-inspiring couple. An extended family member by the name of Patricia Ann Martindale wrote on her Facebook, “My heart is so heavy. Anthony took his final breath yesterday late afternoon and went to be with Philip. He and Philip were an amazing couple and it’s a consolation that they’re together.”

Philip's brothers hope to continue to share Philip and Anthony’s epic love story with the world and have it serve as a warning to treat this situation with urgency.

“It’s not worth going out socializing and having that chance risking the chance of getting it,” Tsai states.

As of today, it is reported that 32,443 people have died from complications of COVID-19 within the United States while 690,714 people have tested positive, according to the CDC. It seems that these numbers will only continue to increase if we refuse to heed the warning.


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