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Saweetie Reveals Her Celebrity Guy Crush is Lil Nas X, "He is So Fine to Me!"

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Diamonté Quiava Valentin Harper, known professionally as rapper and music artist Saweetie recently revealed that her celebrity guy crush is fellow rapper Lil Nas X.

In an interview with Francesca Amiker on E! News, Saweetie was asked to share her celebrity girl and guy crush.

"Okay, my celebrity girl crush is definitely Rihanna and my celebrity guy crush is Lil Nas. He is so fine of me," Saweetie replied.

She continued, "...He look better than me...i be like what's your skin regimen."

Saweetie's flirty crush announcement on the openly gay rapper follows after she recently addressed liking a shady tweet about Lil Nas X on Twitter.

In the tweet, it read: "I feel like he is not really gay or not really that feminine it's so forced."

Saweetie later replied to the backlash of her 'liked' tweet and ultimately unliked it,

"He was lookin fine af that's why I liked the video I didn't see the shadiness...*unlikes"

Lil Nas X later responded to Saweetie on Twitter:

"Goodbye lgbt community, we had a great run."

Gayes do you think Saweetie's crush on Lil Nas X is genuine or is it perhaps a cover-up? Either way, sis is correct. Lil Nas X is fine!


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