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“Slob On My A*s" Rapper Young KSB Announces He is Retiring from Music After Battling Depression

Underground New Orleans rapper, Young KSB, most known for his 2019 viral hit, “Slob On My Ass”, is retiring from the music industry. In a lengthy Instagram story post, Young KSB expresses gratitude for his supporters and details his reasonings for wanting to retire.

He states, “ I want to thank everyone who has supported the music career of “Young KSB” from the start to finish. Yawl are all appreciated more than you may know. This decision has been on my mind for the last year and a half to be very honest so today I decided to act on it. I have not been happy with music or the music industry when it comes to being an artist due to how everything has drastically changed.”

He continues to explain how working hard and giving 100%, yet constantly being overlooked lead him to depression and anxiety. He mentions that music no longer makes him happy and alludes to no longer hiding behind or participating in the shady ways of the music industry—“God has better for me and I’m officially closing the ‘YoungKSB’ chapter today.”

The post continues, with regards to his industry peers and allegations against “big ppl” in the industry who abuse their power.

"There's been opportunities that I was supposed to get but yeah I wouldn't fuck for it or the 'big ppl' would make sure I didn't get it cause I aint with the sucker shit."

He continued: “Hopefully all the others that I’ve had good relationships with stand their ground and move how they want—I’m TOO REAL for the fake shit. I wish everyone the best.”

He ends the post bashing his former manager, accusing him of stealing money and hindering his career—causing him to be black balled in the industry.

“Now I’m officially done. After today there will be no more “Young KSB”.

View the Screenshots below:

Now, going by Doodie Gabor, he has placed his focus on his new underwear line, The Hoochie Papa. He also has a digital magazine titled, Gabor Magazine.

In 2020, Young KSB released an EP titled, “Doodie Gábor” which went on to chart on iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap Albums peaking at #76. This project became one of the first projects from an underground gay rapper to achieve this feat.

Check Out a Gaye Flashback of his viral internet hit:


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