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Soulja Boy Tells Man to "Look At" His OnlyFans While on Instagram Live, "Damn This You?" [VIDEO]

An Instagram Live video is going viral of 31 year old rapper Soulja Boy telling a man to "look at" his OnlyFans. In the video, Soulja Boy discussed sending the man a pair of shoes from his new line.

When the unknown man shared to Soulja Boy his size 10' shoe size, Soulja replied with, " I wear a size 9 gang. How your feet bigger than Big Draco feet?"

"Because I have a bigger d*ck than you bro. It's pretty obvious bro," the man replied.

Soulja Boy then responded, "Oh my God....bro go look at my OnlyFans right now bro...and then come back!"

Though Soulja Boy appeared to be joking, the man seemingly took him serious. The unknown man then revealed a nude photo of Soulja Boy's 'big draco' on his laptop.

Watch the Full Video Below: (Viewer Discretion is Advised)


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