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State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta runs for Pennsylvania U.S Senate As Their First Black Gay Candidate

Updated: Feb 25, 2021


First we get a Black and Female Vice President, Now this! 30-year-old Malcolm Kenyatta confirmed on Thursday that he will be running for Pennsylvania’s 2022 U.S. Senate. The seat is currently held by Republican Pat Toomey, who has confirmed he will not be seeking a 3rd term.

Kenyatta decided to run after seeing how the inequalities that got him started in politics were even more effected by the 2020 pandemic. According to Pennlive, He could be the first Black man elected to the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania for district 181 and the first openly gay man to win a statewide office. Kenyatta made his big announcement in a 1 minute and 55 second video on Twitter, expressing how, “It’s’ Official.”

“I am a Democrat running to be a voice for working families in the US Senate. Help us build this movement from the ground up...I know what it’s like to see an eviction notice. To work a minimum wage job. My 1st one was at the age of 12”

Kenyatta is no stranger to the Pennsylvania community. According to New York Times, he is a well known activist that was born and raised in North Philadelphia like his late civil rights activist grandfather, Muhammad I. Kenyatta. Malcolm's most recognizable moment was as the campaign manager for lawyer and activist Sherrie Cohen in 2015.

Photo Credit: Philadelphia Magazine

In 2016, he was elected as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. Making him one of the first openly gay keynote speakers at a Democratic Event.

In December 2017, Kenyatta announced his run for State Representative, winning a five-way Democratic election in May 2018 with 42.1% of votes. Six months later, he won the general election in November 2018 against Republican Milton Street with 95.3% of votes.

Believe it or not being gay has not affected his political accomplishments. Kenyatta spoke with journalists Ernest Owens on living in a, “socially liberal city”.

“In Philly, it’s been rather easy — as a gay, black male from one of the least invested parts of the city gives you a good handle on what it means to be marginalized. These experiences make me a passionate advocate for many of the progressive causes I champion. I also bring a different perspective in regards to North Philly. The people of North Philly don’t quit, they don’t stay there when they’re knocked down, and they care deeply about this community, and I get to share that story.”

Kenyatta continues to share his story as a political candidate & his love story as a newly husband to his fiancé Matt Miller.

Photo Credit: Twitter/MalcolmKenyatta

Back in July 2020, They both shared intimate photos on Twitter with Kenyatta captioning, “I asked my best friend a question… #HeSaidYes” Miller replied on Twitter with a heart felt response.

“Our engagement was the gift I needed to reset. The surprises, the gatherings of our truest tribe, & the legions of congrats remind me: EVERYTHING is love. From four years until forever @malcolmkenyatta #WeOut

Malcom interviewed with Journalist Mikelle Street on meeting Miller from Instagram in 2016. It was almost a year later, in February 2017, when they met in real life.

“When he got off the plane at Philadelphia International Airport for his first visit to Philly and our first physical meeting, I kissed him immediately...It felt like I had known him forever and he was just on a trip or something.”

Photo Credit: Out.Com

The couple plans to get married in January 2022.

The Inquirer has confirmed that Kenyatta has already raised $1.5 million from campaigns over the course of February 2021. The American Federation of Teachers, the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, and the Working Families Party all issued endorsements in his candidacy for Pennsylvania’s U.S Senate.

Others can also contribute to Malcolm Kenyatta’s Campaign from his website :

Check Out Kenyatta's Campaign Video:

Gayes, does Malcolm have your vote?


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