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Straight Model Dallas Wade Under Fire for Making Thousands by Marketing to Gay Men on OnlyFans

OnlyFans, a subscription based site, known for its adult and NSFW content has been on a steady rise since the start of quarantine. With everyone stuck at home as well as Beyoncé’s recent shout out to the site in the Savage Remix with Megan Thee Stallion, OnlyFans has received more than 3.7 million new registrations from content creators and fans since March 1st and a 75 percent increase in sign-ups, according to the company. One of the people benefiting from this sudden increase is none other than entertainer and model, Dallas Wade.

Wade who’s best known for his appearances on America’s Next Top Model and the documentary film based TV show, Catfish has been on OnlyFans for well over a year now. It’s within this time that Wade has worked himself up to the top .03% of content creators on the site based on the amount of subscribers and had admitted to making 6 figures in one month just from the site alone in 2020. However, many have questioned his fan base after a recent interview in Blac Chyna’s new docu-series on Zeus.

During the interview, Wade candidly discusses the ins and outs of his OnlyFans account in which he mentions that he has a large gay fan base. To be exact, Wade states that of his many subscribers, approximately 85% are gay males while 15% consist of women.

In taking notice to this, he intentionally post pictures/videos of his ass in order to reach out to his gay fan base, as well as attending gay pride events to hang out with other gay men. Nonetheless, he still confesses that he is a straight male.

Dallas Wade during the interview with Zeus

hile many people respect his methods of collecting his bag, others are arguing saying it’s wrong to feed off of the gay community in such a way when you consider yourself to be straight. Some are even saying that Wade is lying about his sexuality and is uncomfortable with being gay.

In Dallas's appearance on Catfish: The TV Show, towards the end of the episode it's revealed that Wade was being catfished by a gay man for 2 months by the name of William. William thought Wade may be interested in men stating, "he has an OnlyFans page that he uses to target the gay community". He also posed the question, "if you're not gay then why do you sell to the community and make money off the community?"

Dallas Wade on Catfish: The TV Show

Instagram user, @fefeavi says, “I don’t see anything wrong with this. If I could make $100k a month entertaining lesbians I’d be down”.

@ironlionzion15 states, "People will do anything for money".

Another user by the handle, @richsoil writes, “Nah that’s not straight. If you are ok with other men lookin at yo a** you are definitely zig zag”.

Needless to say, Wade had no issue clapping back in the comments and speaking his truth stating, “I’m comfortable doing anything I don’t give a fu*k what u into. I make my money then I fu*k my b*itch y'all big mad”.

How do the #Gaye’s feel about this one? Is it wrong for a straight male to feed off the gay community in this way or is Wade simply a hustler?


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